Proposed forum theme updates

Hi folks,

I recently made some theme updates over in the Blue Robotics forum, to improve the usage and navigation experience, and I’m thinking the ArduPilot forum may wish to consider similar changes.

I’m curious whether there’s interest in that from the regular users here :slight_smile:

For reference (for the @admins), in case any of these features are desirable:

  1. Discourse added sidebar support in 2022, which can be enabled from the site settings by changing the navigation menu setting to “Sidebar”
  2. They also have an official dark/light mode toggle that can be installed
  3. A navbar megamenu can be made by adding a custom component like this one (links are specified in the Header details): (4.4 KB)
    • Alternatively the current navbar could be updated to be more like the one on the main website, but I think it’s useful to have additional docs links on the forum, since people on a forum are often looking for help/information