Proplems about can"t connect

I can download 3.3 firmware to AMP , but next i push “connect” button “right up corner” not work… Arducopter firmware not same problem…??

I’ve just had the same problem upgrading to Arduplane, upgraded to 3.3.0 and dead as a dodo.

A bit of searching found these two suggestions…

  1. New USB drivers required, uninstall and re-install mission planner

  2. A post further down says it now needs a compass connected.

I had just let mission planner upgrade itself, so I uninstalled and re-installed a prior version 1.3.28 incase it was a problem with 1.3.30

Then I also connected up my compass and bingo it all worked. What a PITA.


But i download arduplane 3.2.3 and now connect is ok… But now second problem , compass calibration not work?? :frowning: Ardu compass is in side ardu brain or not?

No. Newer APMs don’t have a compass inside to avoid interference.