Proper procedure for Mission Planner on Herelink?

Can anyone confirm the proper steps to use MP on Herelink? I have seen and read the info HERE about how to connect MP on Herelink but I am not sure it is the latest info.

I seem to get prompted twice every time I start MP. It starts a connection automatically when I launch it, then it prompts me again to connect. See video below. The “how to” outlines to connect to the IP of the android device, should I use local machine (127.x)? Otherwise it will be one IP when at home connected to my wifi, and another when connected to my hostpot, and another when not connected at all.

Also, sometimes everything lags really bad like MP is using too many resources and will often just freeze. If I disconnect and try to reconnect, it never connects. I have to exit MP and start again. Downloading the params takes a long time as well. What are the recommended serial settings? Tried 115k and 57k with no noticeable difference.

I have the last software/updates on the Herelink and am using the newest MP. I am not able to get video either (confirmed working on QGC, solex etc which work with no issues) but am thinking it is related to the above issues.

@ Michael_Oborne any suggestions?

Thanks for any help!

I have the same issue. Recently updated all firmware. Everything works, it just takes forever to establish and then the box says done and will not go away, so you can’t actually do anything as you can’t tap any of the tabs due to the box.

Press the back button once