Propeller size and clearance

Good day all
So far I have been using 2312 motors with 9450 props on my quads and my hexas. Its actually the DJI 2312S and 9450S which I want to move away from , as it seems they will be discontinued soon. So I am on the hunt for new motors and props. Currently testing the LDPower 2213 920kV motor. I have two props to test with this motor : 9450 carbon fiber self-tighning and the 1050 carbon fiber. I have mounted the 1050 on the quad and busy with some testing.

My question:
I would also like to test the 2213 with the 1050 prop on my hexa. However, the hexa motors are closer to each other than the quad. what would be a safe clearance between prop-tips?
On the hexa I have 27.3 cm motor center to motor center ( 11.14 inch ) which gives me just over 2.5 cm clearance between prop-tips. Are there any guidelines for this ?

Some detail:
quad frame : 450
hexa frame : 550
FC on both : pixhack V3
ESCs on both BLHeli32 30 A
Battery : 4S

many thanks !!

2.5cm clearance between tips should be plenty, unless your frame is extremely flexible. On the large X8s that I fly, the props have around the same clearance, but the props are 30" tmotor units. You should be fine with the smaller props you are flying.

Many thanks Brian !!

Appreciate your response. Take care.

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