Propeller quick release Vibrations

Hi every one, I have this quick release props on mi HexaCopter, and I was having some problems with my drone, excessive vibration affecting the camera zoom (vibration on the video) and the drone were drifting a lot. Until I saw the VIB alarm on MP. I suspect the quick release props could be the problem because when I runt the motor test the drone shake more than normal. If I screw the props directly to the motors, vibrations disappear, drone rocksolid position and video camera works like a sharm. So my questions is if anyone know why this adapters produce this vibrations and if its posible to fix it. If not, anyone have use any kind of quick props release that not produce this kind of vibrations? I will appreciate your comments.

The Motor are 5008 335KV, 18" props



Did you balance the props with the adaptors fitted?

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I didn´t…

I will check them…

But what do you think about the adapter? may be is too small for the props? do you use any kind?


When designing and building commercial drones there is one golden rule I use, Reduce Points of Failure to a Minimum.

So no, I don’t use prop adaptors.
I am not even a great fan of folding props, for that and other reasons.


You are right, I agree with you, but when you give the drone to a customer, they want to be easy to asemble, easy to fly.