Propeller not responding

The propeller on my plane does not respond when jerked (flight mode is in auto), during preflight checks. It does work as it I can manually speed up and down however when mimicking a hand launch, where the plane is jerked, the propeller does not respond. I’ve been told to perform an accel. calib. which I have but still doesn’t work. Any solutions would be appreciated. Thanks

I don’t understand what your doing. What does “jerked” mean? Are you trying to test that the propeller will engage when you throw the plane? Just jerking it won’t be enough - you need to throw the plane to get the propeller to start.
Thanks, Grant.

I have a similar situation. I really would hate to hand launch the plane and not have the motor engage. Is there any way to confirm that when I hand launch the plane the motor will start? It’s a push prop, and I would hate to crash it the first attempt because I couldn’t get to the transmitter in time to switch the settings.