Prop driven omnirover x

I needed another rover to test follow mode and since I have tons of props and motors lying around, I built a rover that has the props arranged in omni x style.
Here is a short video of it:

The last bit is in SmartRTL mode


Very clever Sebastian! That performs amazingly well.

Yes, I was surprised too. It just eats through the caster wheels. I bought the biggest I could find that still had a small base, but they are made out of hard plastic. Now I ordered some officechair casters with inline skate wheels. Double ballbearings and all. I guess it will go even faster, with less ratling.

A hovercraft chassis would be cool with that setup.

I thought about that, too, but the power consumption is already pretty high for a rover (or my lipos are too old) and adding an additional motor or motors will make matters worse. I have a new 8000mAh 4s lipo I will try, perhaps it is really just the lipos.

Fantastic! Really great and it’s all a bit amazing that it works :-).