Prop choices, and other questions, for a new Y6

Hey everyone,

I am starting to do some research into the parts needed to build a Y6 Tricopter. I picked up a bunch of those 3DR Iris motors (or were they the X8 motors?, I’ll verify) when 3DR was blowing out their DIY parts last year, and thought a Y6 would be an interesting project.

I am not 100% sure if I am going to go with a gimbal mounted GoPro (or equal) or use a fixed mount Gopro and just fly it FPV only, as opposed to doing some AP/AV work with it.

What specs I know:
Y6 Config
3S or 4S power
Pixhawk 2.1 (most likely)

yep, that’s about it

What I am looking for:
Thrust potential for 6 of these motors in a coaxial setup?
Best props?
Same size or differently sized props for top and bottom motors?
Who makes a good pivoting tail for a tricopter? **

Once I get a thrust potential I can find/design a frame to match.

Thanks everyone…

** ok, it seems a Y6 tri doesn’t use a pivoting tail for yaw??