Progress mostly working

Completed auto tune, plane (Talon pro) will auto take off, fly a mission and land.
Its basically all working…

So my nit picking issues…
Flight mode selection.
The mode selection screen lets me assign 6 flight modes.
I additionally have an RC channel with option 51 mode manual.

I would expect the mode_manual RC input to override everything else…
alas that is not how it works…

It will set the mode to manual, but if you change the normal multiple mode selection input that will override the manual selection. I’d like the manual input to ALWAYS win if selected. IE no matter what’s happening I’d like to be able to get control back.

Now it takes effect only if you turn it off then back on…
I can probably get what I want by writing some custom code for Edge-Tx, but it would be nice if I could do it in ardupilot.

If I’m landing and taking off in the same place, it would be nice if the landing could pick up the take off direction as that is good indication of wind direction.

P.S. if someone wants constants for a Talon Pro
This is with the standard kit servos and all horns on their farthest out position for both servo and horn.

MSG, 665601983, Roll: Finished
PARM, 665602477, RLL2SRV_TCONST, 0.3
PARM, 665602604, RLL2SRV_RMAX, 90
PARM, 665603120, RLL_RATE_FF, 0.4721996
PARM, 665603275, RLL_RATE_P, 0.1290421
PARM, 665603594, RLL_RATE_I, 0.4721996
PARM, 665603718, RLL_RATE_D, 0.004429547
PARM, 665603915, RLL_RATE_FLTT, 5.305164
PARM, 665604071, RLL_RATE_FLTD, 10

MSG, 851802012, Pitch: Finished
PARM, 851802567, PTCH2SRV_TCONST, 0.45
PARM, 851802689, PTCH2SRV_RMAX_UP, 90
PARM, 851802866, PTCH2SRV_RMAX_DN, 90
PARM, 851803034, PTCH_RATE_FF, 0.8438033
PARM, 851803165, PTCH_RATE_P, 0.7868999
PARM, 851803350, PTCH_RATE_I, 0.8438033
PARM, 851803852, PTCH_RATE_D, 0.01644059
PARM, 851804034, PTCH_RATE_FLTT, 3.536776
PARM, 851804177, PTCH_RATE_FLTD, 10

Ardupilot (copter and plane) will change modes whenever there is a command to do so, regardless of the source. So if you have a dedicated switch, and the 6-position switch, and even a GCS connected, it will take the last selected mode (assuming the mode is available). It’s the act of changing that triggers the new flight mode. I’m sure 10 different people could make 20 different arguments why it should be one way or the other, so I’ll stay out of that.

I went the Edge TX route, and I have an override setup so when I use my “emergency” mode switch it overrides the 6 pos switch and locks it out. Since I’m only use six modes in total it was just one special function.

I’m trying to get stick menus working…(Mostly to smart audio the VTX)
Its sort of working…in that OSD 5,6 show up and have parameters…
yet how do I change the parameters displayed they have

So how does one know what GRP and KEY for a specific parameter like:

Also where is t he VTX table that converts band/channel to values.
Running HDZero and trying to understand the frequency…>
Given this chart:

I think I have some wifi interference so want to be on Sharkbyte/hdzero ch 8 if possible.
This would be race 8.

Digging deeper the compiled in VTX table for smart audio in Ardupilot is not compatible with HDZero.