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Programming Arducopter 2.x

Hello everyone.
I have some problem and can’t understand it by myself. I need to write and compile my own firmware for ArduCopter 2.6. i read this wiki and I followed all the steps described. but now i’m stuck… i trying compile my sketch with waf, but i don’t see APM board in board list. Maybe i need use another board from waf board list for APM compile?

You will need to update your hardware to one of the more than 60 Ardupilot supported boards. APM 2.6 board is obsolete. Support for it stopped four years ago.

i can’t update hardware. Because i can write my own sketch for arcducopter and i have several devices of APM 2.6.
But maybe… Can you tell me. How can i make my own firmware for another device? it’s same as for APM?

For APM 2.6 boards you will need to use ArduCopter 3.2.1 version from the respective github branch. No waf

For other boards you should use ArduCopter 4.0.4 version from the “Copter-4.0” github branch. Use waf

i’m tried use this istruction with custom arduino IDE. But i have many errors with compilation. Errors like

In file included from Print.h:27:0,
from Stream.h:26,
from HardwareSerial.h:28,
from Arduino.h:193,
from Platform.h:15,
from CDC.cpp:19:
Printable.h:23:17: fatal error: new.h: No such file or directory
#include <new.h>
do you know how can i fix it?

UPD. Yes, i download ardupilot, and setup preferences too. But compiler recieve incorrect path to ardupilot library

Sorry I can not help you anymore. I do not use Arduino IDE. And the last time I used an APM 2.6 board was 7 years ago.

ok. anyway, thank you very much)

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