ProfiCNC PixHawk 2 Cube HERE GPS 2 cable and Power module

My group purchased a ProfiCNC Pixhawk 2 Cube and 2 HERE modules. I am currently setting it up and when configuring the Battery Monitor in Mission Control, do I select ProfiCNC HV Power Module PX4?
Also, noticed that the cable for the HERE gps puck only fits the GPS 1 port. Was told by the little pamphlet that I need to purchase a separate cable to connect it up in GPS 2 port but the website still shows a 8 pin connector. Is that right? There is a GPS 2 cable included with the Pixhawk 2 Cube but I don’t see how I can connect that to the HERE module as the connector is different.

Mine came with 2 extra cables haven’t set it up yet it but seems like cable one is the I2C and the other is a GPS 2 cable. Looks lile the Here 2 GPS doesn’t come with a CAN cable.