Procedure when resetting to Default (Parameter List)

Changes I had to make for Rover (mapping boat with Pixhawk & Spektrum6i)

Wizard -
Do full wizard setup

Flight Mode Setup (Mandatory Hardware)

Full Parameter List -
ARMING_CHECK (default=1) = 72 (this changes the double amber ARMING FAILURE to double green DISARMED GPS LOCK
ARMING_REQUIRE = 0 (default 1)

MODE_CH = 5 (specific to my Spektrum6i)

FS_ACTION = 0 (Nothing)

Speed Turning: (this is by how much the speed is reduced while turning)
SPEED_TURN_GAIN = 20 (default is 50%)

Navigation & Steering Response: (this is where the wheels fall off)
This part will be handled here … Correcting a 'wobbly' path between Waypoints?

Note - make sure a mission is loaded to the Pixhawk before changing mode to AUTO, otherwise it will simply go to HOLD,

you need to do all the options under mandatory in initial setup, or use the wizard to do them.

Thank you Michael, I did try the Wizard (Rover) but it appears to try download firmware and then just hangs.

Tried several times, same result.

Should I try ‘Plane’?

I am using it for a survey boat.


Managed to get through the Rover Wizard, but still the Pixhawk won’t arm - double amber flashing

Bad AHRS - comes up on the HUD

Also when I change from Manual to Auto - it goes to Hold

All calibration etc was successful - WHAT AM I MISSING?

please try the accel calibration, I have a feeling its missing from the wizard. I will add back in.

Will do Michael …

Yes, I had done access calibration which was successful, but I did it again now and it was successful.

Unfortunately still failed pre arm check - amber double flashing

Something else I noticed on the audio MP link - Something about “Unable to … 5Hz update” - compass I think.

Navigation & Steering Response: (this is where the wheels fall off)
Will be discussed further here …

If there is no mission loaded, mode will default to Hold and not Auto.

ARMING_CHECK - after initial setup, this can be taken back to 1 (check all)