Problems with zoon telemetry v3

Hi, one week ago I bought two zoon telemetry V3 modules. After numerous settings trials, I have tried to do a long range test, but after less than a km lost all signal at 76 kbps.Mission planner keeps triggering GCS failsafe.Someone had my problems or know some tricks with their web config app?
Thanks for all replies.

Tried to contact them for support, responded only once, I’ve tried every possible configuration, even re-upgrade the firmware from a different pc. Nothing worked, I’m upset, after spending 440 euros on those radios (v3) with a range of 6km at 125 kbps, only 400 meters with 73 kbps is a SCAM

I’d like to have read this message before, now I thinks it’s too late :frowning:
I bought a couple of ZOON v1 but no way to configure them, the web app is not working and also the serial configuration.
Documentation is null, no replay to mail. My suggestion to all people here is not to buy anything from them.

I know… never had a response from the zoon team…
I bought some Chinese siyi datalink, same 2.4ghz, not the fastest radios, but I’ve done 25km of distance with some data received, for a price decisively more affordable…

Thanks for the info.
I’m looking for the SIYI.

Hi , configuration app is working and we have web-chat you can write us any time.

sorry to hear that, have you tried to contact with our team, we have web-chat . I am sure you have some misconfiguration on zoon configuration. Now have added DEBUG feature on zoon config app. if you activate it it will print the how the sensitivity changes . ZOON CONFIGURATION

also now we added " reset parameters" incase you don’t know messed the parameters it will reset to default. Note , you need to clear chrome chache, delete “zoon config” extension from chrome ( now it works without additional extension). then update the firmware, and try