Problems with the example sketches code library can not run

Why some Library Example Sketches can run, such as INS_generic, I can compile and run on PX4v2, but some Library Example Sketches can compile, but download to my PX4v2 without any phenomenon, such as very simple Printf Example Sketches, which is What reason?

Why did not anyone reply?

I have exactly the same problem, and I just posted it but haven’t got any replies :frowning:

I’ve retagged this from ‘general’ to ‘development’.
I’m guessing not many people have alerts set for ‘general’ (I know I don’t).
Can you provide more details?
What dev environment you’re using?
What examples work, which don’t?
More information makes it easier to help

Some of the examples are missing a hal.console->begin(57600) to setup the console. That may be why printf doesn’t work for you. We really should go through all of them and check they work.

thank you ,I now use arducopter 3.4.6,and I understood the hal in raspberry,next is rc…

Hi, I have kind of the same problems and I’ve been keeping some discussions with @Chinese66 under my post, maybe you can check that out for more detailed descriptions and information. Thanks!