Problems with taking off after arming in SITL

Hi, I have a problem with steering the Copter over the UserCode.

The goal is that a follower drone is receiving over uart the position of a leader, counts an offset
of 5m to the leaderposition and flies direction the offsettarget.

We tried various things and we have several problems.

  • How we make sure that the arming position is stored and set to the new home location
  • We tried the code on APM2.6 and the homeposition was never updated, the drone
    flew always to the same offset after landing and new arming.
  • In SITL: The following code for PIXHAWK sets the correct offset waypoint but doesn’t take off

Has anyone an idea what we do wrong here?

I posted the code on

Thanks much for any help. Marek

I found a solution, see link above !