Problems with T200 and Holybro Pixhawk 4

Hi Everyone- I posted part of this on the Blue Robotics Forum, but no one over at BR has a Pixhawk 4 so they encouraged me to post my problem here. Any help is much appreciated.

I recently bought 2 x T200 and 2 x Basic ESCs that I want to use in skid steering with a Holybro Pixhawk 4 running ArduRover. For Tx/Rx I am using a FrSky X9 Lite and a X8R.

I configured everything in QGroundControl and here is a list of parameters that I’ve changed.


Currently, I have the ESCs connected to the Holybro FP07 power distribution board (motors 1 and 3) but I am not getting any response from the T200s.

When I apply power, the ESCs beep, but then absolutely nothing happens when I arm and move the sticks on the transmitter. I have calibrated the X9, both on the transmitter side and in QGC. I also tried setting subtrims so that PWM from channels 1 and 3 range exactly from 1100 to 1900. Still nothing from the T200s.

My question then- is this a power distribution issue, or something else? Before I unsolder the ESCs from the PDB and connect directly to the battery I thought I would get some feedback.

Update: When I connect to the X8R I get the proper beeps from the ESC and the T200 responds properly to the transmitter.

UPDATE: I got it working!

I reflashed the firmware a few times. I connected the BlueRobotics ESCs to the PWM signal on the PM07 (motors 1 and 3). I power the ESCs and thrusters using a terminal strip, not the PM07. At first, I got the right beeps from the thrusters, but nothing happened. Then I realized that I had yaw and roll mapped to the same channels. Once I made sure everything was mapped properly, it worked!

I used the parameters described here

Hi. I am building a similar setup. Did it not work when you connected the esc signal wire to the hole labeled M1,M2 etc?

I want to ask you one other thing. The PM07 comes with an xt60 connecter. The wires are AWG 12, rated at max 30A continuous current. Two T200 thrusters would combined draw more than 40A. Did you change the wires?