Problems with RTL

Hello first sorry for my English.
I mounted my plane with APM 2.6. all goes well, but when the flight mode active circle and RTL are those who I have so far falls into a spin. The GPS in principle right. With telemetry marked the position well.
What can be the problem ??

Thank You

Please provide tlogs and/or dataflash logs to help troubleshoot your issue.

Check that stabilize moves control surfaces in correct direction, and invert if needed.

APM:Plane will spin when it stalls. Make sure your cruising speed as well as min and max are reasonable.

I normally use the following. You want MIN to be about 3M/S above your plane’s stall speed for safety because the airspeed sensor is not precise at low speeds.


And locate the fault only Full List Paramerter find
RCx (X = channel number that gives the ruling Spoiler example is 1) and change the parameter REVERSE if we change to a 1 -1. -1 If you changed it to 1.
With this fix the fault had to change the channel 1 and 2
sorry for my English