Problems with power module mauch settings on batt2 monitor

Hi everybody,
using the latest arduplane version, i connected a power module mauch on the second power port on the cube (black). but i have a question, it’s very simple to set on first batt1 monitor section with voltage divider an amper per volt given with the power module but on the second batt 2 monitor, informations and choices are not the same. What are the settings for this please, i select cube black pm2 but impossible to enter amper per volt informations, voltage is good but current is twice the good value.

Probably a Mission Planner But You can do that in ArduPlane firmware by changing the BATT2_* parameters by hand on the “full parameter list”

thanks i will test it. i was surprised to see that choices are differents on mp for this second batt monitor. is there a reason?

like you said, i can set the correct ampere per volt value given for my mauch sensor, i write parameter and seems to be saved. But this value don"t appear on the batt2 monitor menu.

when i try to write it directly on the batt2 monitor, i have an error message. i will now don’t care about it because i know the value is set in params batt2.

i would just have a confirmation of the correct sensor i have to select. choosing one or other modify pins current and voltage i think,
my first sensor settings are:

i select other for the sensor choice on batt 1 monitor and pin 2 and 3 are selected.

now the pins used for batt2 are:

if i well understand, need i to select Pixhawk 2 pm2 for current pin =14 and pixhawk 2 pm2 = 13 for voltage pin?


i’m a little confused when i look the pins detailled on pixhawk 2 specs



thanks for help

In the full parameter tree enable the batt2 monitor and reboot the FC
Any changes to the BATT params needs a reboot to take effect.
You can enter the values required directly in the full params. The graphical battery monitor configuration only does Batt1 I think.
Then post your params here if you still need more help.