Problems with Pixhawk or Mission Planner

Problems with Pixhawk or Mission Planner
which one have errors i dont know ,but I really need help!!!

i will tell wath is happening

i have plane with pixhawk controler from 3Drobotic on first flying i tested it on ground i was teking it in hands and walk to some weypoint

i sen 1 weypoint - TAKEOFF alt 2m
then 2 was simply weypoint alt 2m one second time 7m
then 3. 5m

and walk then i see thath at stratig moment when it wana to reach thease 2m it go up but when it reachet thease 2m it goes down WHY i dont know
Please help my.And sory for my bad english

Log file

Please see my reply to your other post on this subject.
Thanks, Grant.