Problems with Mission Planner + Pixhawk + RFD900

Having issues with RFD900 with Pixhawk and Mission Planner. The connection times out and reports error with heartbeat on Mission Planner. Screenshot attached

Same setup was working fine with 3DR modems firmware v1.7, but problem occurs with RFD900 on firmware 1.8 and 1.9.

The RFD900s are linking fine, with solid green LED, and Mission Planner is able to load configs on both the air and ground modem, but when it comes to actually connecting, it timesout. Screen shot shows the error and also shows the configuration, which from what I can see have both the modems on the same net ID, and settings.

As no one here seems to be able to solve the problem, one of the team members of Perth UAV was able to assist.

Need to change the CTS/RTS in the APM parameters from AUTO to DISABLED.

Changing the CTS/RTS (either on or off) in the Modem parameters didn’t fix the problem.

For some reason the setting AUTO for CTS/RTS in the APM parameters doesn’t seem to be very automatic.

so HOW do you change this setting? I’m getting a parameter packets not received error when using the rfd900 with the mission planner

Have you checked through APM planner ? if not please check in that also !