Problems with calibration of the compass

Hello friends
I’m Rico Man.

I am in trouble nowadays.
I need your help.
I have a lot of pixhawk2 and HERE gnss. There is also a RTK (this is also HERE)

Previously, if i were to calibrate my pixhawk with gps, i would not have any problems.

But nowadays, when i calibrate my pixhawk with gps, Compass # 3 continues to show yellow.

It is unstable if it is not green.

If i run RTK instead of HERE gnss to calibrate, Compass # 3 will turn green, but this time Compass # 2 will turn yellow.

Please solve my troubles.

Thank you

I have had problems with Compass #3 before. To solve them, I just disable it.

Thank you for your feedback.
At first I thought about it.
But there is one question.
Disable Compass # 3
Does it have any impact on mission flights, posholds, altholds, etc.?

I think disabling compass #3 will not impact your ability to fly missions as you want.

It is very scary to me to turn off compass # 3 and do a flight test.
This is considered to be sufficiently risky
I’m going to have to test it with a cheap quad-copter, not my engine helicopter. Appreciate good information

You should be okay to disable compass 3, especially if you have a good calibration with your main and secondary compass, it should not ever even need to use the 3rd redundant compass. I understand your worries though, I have seen a lot of issues with the compasses as of late and I think we need to get it solved. but for now, i think you will be okay. I only run the external / main compass on my quadcopter and I haven’t had any issues yet.

Thank you for your valuable information I am preparing a quad copter to test this now.

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I have many Pixhawks and PixRacers and only on one Plane is the integrated compass of any value. On all multirotors and my Rover the integrated mags are disabled. The annoyance from “compass inconsistent” is not worth trying to use them.