Problems setting up RTK GPS

I am running into a problem when I try to set-up a RTK GPS on the autonomous boat I am building. I have a pair of Reach GPS that I want to use as a Base-Rover pair. I am using the latest stable release of Ardurover with a Pixhawk 2.4.8 flight controller. I am using the current stable version of Mission Planner (1.3.56).

Following specific instructions on the Emlid website I have configured the base and the rover. The rover gps is plugged into Serial4/5 on the Pixhawk which has been set to a baud rate of 38400 - so this should be viewed as the second GPS on the boat. The corrections from the base are sent via a wifi connection. They appear to be coming in I have green bars that vary in size on the screen that shows up when I initiate GPS injection. On the same page I can see packets of information both incoming and outgoing. I have a green light on the page for “base”, :“GPS” and “Glonass”. I have RTCM messages - that change with time. I have a RTCM base.

However…I don’t appear to be actually sending the corrections to the GPS or receiving corrected positions from it! When I check the status of my system on the main page I see a number of parameters (gpsstatus2, gpshdop2 and others) that are 0 which suggests the Pixhawk doesn’t know its attached.

The parameters I set (following the instructions from Emlid’s web page) were:


I apologize for posting here rather than the Emlid forum - they seem to be pretty slow to reply to questions like this. I will cross-post there aswell.

Have you made sure that the rover GPS is accepting RTCM 1.3 on the UART port - CFG->PRT make sure the “IN” list for the UART is NMEA + RTCM 1.3?


I’m embarrassed to say the problem was simpler than that. The Reach has two DF13 connections on it, only one is the UART and I had plugged in to the wrong one! Once I recognized that (and reconfigured the wiring) the Reach showed up and I got RTK float in the HUD. I was testing in an area a with poor view of the sky so I didn’t waste any time waiting for the GPS to get an RTK fix

Hello, I know that this post has been inactive for a while but seems like a good place to ask the question. I have a reach rtk that is connected to a Navio 2 over USB. I have the ardupilot setup to run ardurover on on boot. i have followed the documentation on reach’s website but still ahving trouble seeing the GPS 2nd data on my mission planner. But if I manually type in the command in the terminal then it enables the second GPS. So my question is why does it behave this way and is there any other way to automatically run that command.
P.S - the command that i am talking about is -
sudo ardurover -A udp: -E /dev/ttyACM0