Problems Installing and/or Building 2.0.20 on ubuntu 14.04

Right thanks much, I solved it.

Now after lunching it I get this:

The current user does not have the correct permissions to access serial devices. Use “sudo adduser dialout” and then log out and in again

How I could fix this? Not sure if I would need to have an autopilot plugged to figure it out?
thanks much

Type at the command prompt:

For example:
dave@dave-AO722:~$ whoami

Then for example, type:
sudo adduser dave dialout
Substitute your username instead of dave.

Here’s full instructions on how to build the ‘The Easy Way ™’ see here for why

Download from the Qt website and follow the instructions below in terminal

cd ~/Downloads/
chmod +x 

# Make sure you select the Desktop gcc 64bit option to install in the wizard

# Change your setup to use installed version of qmake	
sudo rm /usr/bin/qmake
sudo ln -s $HOME/Qt5.9.3/5.9.3/gcc_64/bin/qmake /usr/bin/qmake

# Build APM Planner 2.0
mkdir ~/workspace
cd ~/workspace/
git clone
make -j4 # use -j8 on i7

# Run APM Planner 2.0