Problems in RC Calibration


I’m trying to calibrate my RC controller through the Mission Planner Radio Calibration tab but the bars are not moving at all, except for the roll bar which moves erratically even when I’m not moving any of the sticks.

I’m using an APM 2.8 with ArduCopter V3.2.1. My RC controller is FlySky FS-i6 and receiver is FS-iA6B. The transmitter and the receiver do connect as I can see the battery and error indication on the transmitter and the red light on the receiver is stable.

I cannot even calibrate my ESCs individually or through the APM. When I follow the method for ESC calibration by turning the throttle to 100% and then connecting the battery then removing and reconnecting the battery, the ESCs just make the same sound which they do on normal startup. No further beeps or anything.

Kindly tell me what the problem is or what am I doing wrong? It’s like the receiver is not giving any response to the APM or the ESCs.


Check the connections between the receiver and the APM. If mission planner is not showing movement when you move the transmitter sticks it likely means that the APM is not receiving the correct signals and thus can’t pass them on to MP