Problems during burning

An Error happened when I was uploading a firmware onto the borad. My firmware is base on the fmuv4, and I successfully modified the hwdef.dat and hwdef-bl.dat. After I upload the AP_Bootloader.bin with dfu, then I use the ./waf heli-upload to burn my firmware into the board then the Error happened as below.
ERROR: timeout waiting for data (4 bytes)
And these are my dat. file. (2.6 KB)
Thanks for reading and I am looking forward to your help!

Good day, you can build your firmware and also the bootloader with Ubuntu without any problems … if you want flash it you can use under Windows environment stlink utility and for Linux a black magic probe…

Thanks for replying!
Forget the questoin I asked before…Have you tried to compile the copter-4.0. version? After I burned the firmware the prefix was changed to the InterBiometrics instead of the traditional STM32Mxxxxxxx. Is there any problem in this change?

i will compile bootloader and firmware from the last releasei will flash it on my board im using for sone tests… but if i remember well all the versions I’ve built i don’t have found issues.
in case wich bootloader you need? i can attach few files if you need

When I compile and burn the Pixracer in the copter-4.0.0, the unbuntu 16.04 on my virtual machine shows the device name is ‘STMmicroelectrics Pixracer’, ane when it was burned in copter-4.0.4, its name was changed to ‘InterBiometrics Pixracer’… But all of them can work fine, looks like the only change is the prefix name…

i will compile it and i will let you know… better Don’t use master firmware coz its under development and can have bugs that must be fixed

Thank you! And can’t agree more… The master version always has lots of questions…

so here we are… ive build the firmware for the pixracer and also flash it… i don’t have saw a different type of connection but the there is a new modification about fmuv4

yes…and that is the problem.But it can still work and i think we can let it go…

now if you have to compile the firmware for pixracer, you must type Pixracer and not fmuv4