Problems connecting with HexCopter


I am new to the Pixhawk/Mission Planner controller/gcs system. The problem that I am having is that all weekend I was able to connect and work through the First Time Setup as time allowed with no issues connecting. Then on Tuesday, after my laptop/desktop had an update from Microsoft for Windows 10. And since then when I try to connect, Mission Planner will ask for

“host name” and shows
“remote port” and shows 5760
and then says “Connect Failed”

When I check the details as to why it failed, the message is

"No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it at
System.Net.Sockets.TcpClient.ctor(String hostname, Int32 port)
at MissionPlanner.Comms.TcpSerial.Open()
at MissionPlanner.MAVLinkInterface.OpenBg(IProgressReporterDialogue PRsender, Boolean
at MissionPlanner.Controls.ProgressReporterDialogue.RunBackgroundOperation(Object o)

Any help understanding this, and or correcting this would be greatly appreciated,

Thanks in advance,


Pixhawk is version 2.4.8
MissionPlanner is version1.3.73 build 1.3.7530.26934

Mission Planner is trying to connect to a NETWORK device @ IP address

Use the drop down menu to find the SERIAL PORT for the Pixhawk, set the data rate to 115200 and click connect.


Thank you for your quick reply, it was exactly what I needed . I did find the proper com port to use and eventually found the correct data rate, which is not the 115200,but is 9600 .

I hate it when I try to trouble shoot why something is not working, and forget to see if it is plugged in.

Thanks again


Thank You