Problems Connecting apm 2.5 to MP


I have loaded the rover code to my apm 2.5 using the mission planner. When I try to connect it gets stuck on parameters AHRS_RP_P or AHRS_WIND_MAX.

On the CLI, though I am able to send commands to the apm, but there comes a message,
“3No dataflash card insertedCCompass initialisation failed”

Any suggestions/help on how to get past this problem would be highly appreciated.

Parikshit Maini

Did you purchase your APM2.5 from 3D Robotics or another dealer? If you purchased it from 3DR, I suggest that you open a support ticket with them explaining your problem and they will assist you in troubleshooting the APM. Also, what version of the MP are you using? There have been CLI issues with ver 1.2.57 or 1.2.58.

Yes I bought it from 3D robotics.
I have tried it with MP 1.2.50 and 1.2.55. The only difference is it gets stuck on a different parameter.

Meanwhile, have also mailed 3D robotics for tech support.

Parikshit Maini