Problems and questions with "Geo ref Images"

Hello, I’m using a plane equipped with a camera and a micro-usb shutter to take photos. I’m using Mission Planner with the Do Set Cam Trigg Dist option.

The camera has a built in GPS but is not very accurate. I want to get more accuracy. I’ve read the tutorial on using the Geo Ref Images app in Mission Planner, but I have a few problems and questions.

  1. To use the Cam message method do I have to use the .tlog or the dataflash log? Or both.

  2. In case I want to use the Time Offset method, when I load the .tlog and the photos and click Estimate, usually the offset is very high. Like -4324 segs in a dataset and -13,254 in another. Is this normal?

I took the -4324 segs offset and copied it to the seconds offset and when I hit preprocess and then geotag images I try to visualize them in Google Earth to compare it to the built in GPS photos and the new ones look inverted and out of place.

  1. To set the same time to the Camera and to the GPS of the autopilot? Where do I set it up? Is it the time of the computer (my computer has a problem and the time resets) or do I have to set it on the mission planner, in that case I don’t know where.

Please help.

Thanks in advance.


Since you have not received any responses, you might also want to post your issue here:

Pretty sure the time when recording your data flash log is from the gps, so don’t worry about your computer. Now forget using the time offset and use the cam sync function. Works about 95% of the time (averaging 300-1200 images per project). The results from time offset have always been way off and the Cam function is dead on. I’m using P4dMapper so it actually shows in 3d where the geolocation compared to the actual location is. Always lined up.

like x1aero said,

if using do trig dist, use the sync option.

if it was just a timer based script you would need to do the seconds offset method.