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Problemas enlace apm 2.8 y flight mode

Good afternoon, my name is Rafael and I am from Spain. I bought an apm 2.8 and when I try to install version 3.2.1 I get the message in the screenshot. Then I have another problem with the flight mode, because even when it recognizes the station’s pwm, then on the flight mode screen it does not, does it have a solution? Thank you.

Most of the screenshot page = mode page and mode = 5th channel so go to your radio and check out 5 channel which switch assign , radio calibration is done or not ?

And I guess there is 5th channel does not going on your apm look at your 5channel pwm wire are correct or not

2nd thing is go and check out on radio calibration and see baars are moving or not

Happy flying :slightly_smiling_face:

good afternoon and thank you. the radio is calibrated, the green bar moves and the limits are set with the red line. At the end of the calibration, the pwm of channels five and six is ​​recognized. the problem is that it always reflects “zero” pwm on the flight modes page

here photos

Look like ok , @xfacta , @dkemxr , @amilcarlucas help this guy

This problem are out of my mind

Get a Mission Planner version that is as old as the APM2.8 then it will work.

Good afternoon, Flight modes work !!! Thank you

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