Problem writing log

I activated default + IMU with FW3.1.2 (I tried to install the 3.2.1 but nothing changes), and write parameters. I unplug the cx by mission planners and Out feed.I hang up and go to see the parameter of the log and grim again DISABLE. how do I fix?

ps. Changing the language of mission planner is always in English even after rebooting

It would be helpful if you provided the version of APM that you are using AND the make and model of copter that you’re flying. You did say, “I unplug the cx by Mission Planners…,” which makes me think that you might have a Cheerson CX-20 AutoPathfinder Quadcopter. If this is true, then DON’T try updating your firmware to any stock firmware. There are some custom firmware files available and made specifically for the Cheerson CX-20. You’ll want to use them instead of any stock firmware.

It sounds like you’re trying to enable logging by changing the LOG_BITMASK parameter from “disabled” to “default + IMU” and in spite of “writing” parameters to copter the parameter keeps changing back to “disabled.”

If this is correct, then connect your copter to USB on PC and then connect to Mission Planner. Look on the left side right below the heads-up-display you’ll see some gray-colored tabs that start with “Quick,” “Action,” and “Gauges” and scroll over to the far right tab marked “Messages” and click on it. See if there’s a message on there that says, “no dataflash inserted.” If you see that message, then I’m afraid I have some bad news for you - your dataflash chip is fried or not connected properly. This is a known issue and the only way to fix it is to get a new FC (flight controller).

The good news is that you don’t absolutely need those logs to fly your CX-20. Many folks have flown dozens and dozens of missions without the dataflash log capability. Sure it would be nice to have the logs for troubleshooting purposes, but it does not affect any of the flight modes or other functions of the CX-29.

Yes, it’s CX-20 whit APM max ArduCopter 3.2.1.
I can see this error message in the CLI “NO DATA FLASH INSERTED”.
You can get a replacement because it is new?It will be enough to change the APM?