Problem with "./waf-light' code in Cygwin

I’ve been following the tutorials to try and get it up and running. I’m currently in the “Build with Waf section” found in the url:

I have absolutely no programming background save for MATLAB and have never worked with Linux before. However, I could almost swear I’ve followed all instructions but have encountered an issue.

I’ve sought for help in the Waf book: The Waf Book

I’m currently in Section 2.2: How to build Waf executables. The first three codes in purple have worked just fine in Cygwin, but when I type "./waf-light’, I get the following message:
/usr/bin/env: ‘python’: No such file or directory

I have installed the python packages specified in the instructions and even double checked. I’m stuck and I need help please.


ln -s /usr/bin/python3.6 /usr/bin/python
ln -s /usr/bin/pip3.6 /usr/bin/pip