Problem with the Sonar HC-SR04

Hi, i’m beginner. I would like to use the HC-SR04 sonar for object avoidance with Ardurover (v3) and mission planner(1.3.76 and previus).
I followed the wiki instructions for GPIOs mode connection: HC-SR04 Sonar Rangefinder — Rover documentation.
I have set the following parameters related to the rangefinder:

after, I have got the message: “bad lidar health”.

I have already done tests of replacement of sensor and apm to rule out malfunctions.

Can anyone help me figure out what i am doing wrong?

You should be using ArduRover 4.1.5-rc1.

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Why have you got 2 rangefinders using the same pins.

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That does not help either :slight_smile:

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Also APM and Ardurover 3.x have not been supported in a long time. It does not support most sensors like sr04.

The US-016 ultrasonic is an analogue version of the sr04 and should work with the apm.

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