Problem with SysId != 1

I found the problem. If my “sysid thismav” is set to 1, I can connect fine, but my quads all have unique sysid values so that logs go into correct folders.
If I change this value to 1 Tower connects just fine. I have updated the bug with this information as connection either should allow you to select which sysid to connect to, or allow any.

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Where are you changing the setting ?

I change the setting because I need to identify multiple drones. For one, when logs are downloaded they go into directories following sysid. This way you do not have to guess which log goes to which copter. That is what this ID was designed for. From the documentation "Allows setting an individual MAVLink system id for this vehicle to distinguish it from others on the same network"
Until Version 4 when 3dr services was no longer required, this worked fine.

Sorry, I see I did not answer the question. I change the “SYSID_THISMAV” parameter in advance settings of mission planner. In Mission planner this makes your drone Icon on the map have the the unique number so you ca see multiple drones on the same screen. It also then dumps telemetry logs, when saved via mission planner, to a unique directory that is = to the SYSID_THISMAV value.

now I know why Tower don’t connect anymore!

Raise this as an issue on GitHub so it can be fixed to allow a user settable sysid

Hello Bill,

he already opened a issue on 15.10.16.


Thanks, i’ll get that issue updated to reflect what the problem really is with the systems not connecting to different sys_ids. It should just use the sys_id of the detected packets… I think the problem is that packets are now filters based in sys-id. The old system would re-write the sys_id when the HB came in. This would cause problems if you connected more that one vehicle on the data stream.

The fix is to correct create the connection based on the incoming HB message and vehicle type.