Problem with synthetic NMEA GPS

I want to do some work on the pixhawk, but for not going out every time I try something I tried to send fake GPS data to the Pixhawk thru the GPS port, using a Serial connection, I use following program: Satgen NMEA simulator
The problem is I get a GPS Fix for a short time, then it says NO GPS, then after about 5 seconds, I get a GPS Fix, then one more time NO GPS, i tried different frequencys of refreshment with no success (5 Hz, 10, 20).
Could it be that the firmware is looking for a specific NMEA sentence I’m not sending?
Im sending GGA & VTG sentencesmanne.txt (120.4 KB)

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I have a vague recollecdtion that 5hz is the max update rate for the pixhawk. I’ve successfully sent fake GGA and RMC NMEA messages to the pixhawk. The intermittent nature of the GPS may indicate a lose connection.

have you already resolved this problem? I have the same issue