Problem with Shakey take Off

not sure what going on with this F450 but i am sure its probably NOT 3.1 firmware. When Taking off it wants to Rock backwards. it has flown well/Decently with 3.0.1 & Not so much 3.1 RC7, 3.1 i had it in the air but after a rough take off in wind.
maybe its time i give up on these Walkera X350 ESCs & Motors and get Real F450 Motors and ESCs. I have calibrated ESCs but the Walkera Parts do not give any feed back, Recalibrated ACC & compass. just cant figure out why this wants to flip over (Nose UP). PIDS and LOG atttached. These PIDS work well with my X650 which flies wonderfully. any opinions are greatly appreciated.


LOG File

thank you Forum GODS!!

This problem was discovered to be a Loose Motor on the rear of the Aircraft. incase any one has a similar problem