Problem with Servo Output in armed mod

Hi everyone! I’m having a problem that’s never happened to me before today. Usually, if I don’t forget to arm my vehicle, the “ThrottleLeft” and “ThrottleRight” functions vary according to the buttons on my remote control, but today that’s not the case at all(i see that it’s not the case in the “Servo Output” section)! I find this strange but don’t have a precise idea of how these functions work, so does anyone know what’s not allow them from working? My remote control works normally as I can see in the “Radio Calibration” section.

So it’s armed and no output shown on the Servo screen? Any messages shown on the Messages Screen to indicate an error?

Yes, exactly, at times there’s no problem, but it keeps coming back. Is it possible that it’s linked to the load on the remote control? Even if the control station is receiving the signal, it won’t let me use it, just to be on the safe side?