Problem with sabertooth


I used since many years a 6wd dagu and APM 2.5 2.6 with no problem, but I’d like to upgrade with a pixhawk.Alas, I’ve a big problem it’s impossible to move forward or back, no problem to turn left or right. I’d test with a navio+ and it’s the same problem.
I’d return with APM and no problem. I used ardurover 3.1.0 and sabertooth 2x25.
I’d test many possibility with sabertooth’s switch and skid_steer_out 1 but it refuse to move back or forward.

Thanks for your help.

Try swapping the servo inputs from the Pixhawk to the Sabertooth inputs.
The Sabertooth should not be in the mixing mode!

thanks, i’m try tu use this modification. But why there is this big difference with APM 2.6 ???