Problem with rudder on 3.8?


I have a working configuration of a Skywalker 2014 in arduplane 3.6. I would like to test AP 3.8, so I upgraded to this firmware.
Problem I have is when I move rudder stick, rudder move correctly : rudder stick to the right move rudder to the right.
When I move aileron to the right and according to kff_rddrmix set to 0.5, rudder should move to the right but it’s not that and rudder move to the left. I didn’t have this problem in 3.6. So what I misunderstood with the new 3.8 fw ?



When I re-read my message I forgot to send my paramters. Here there are :

My settings
In 3.6

In 3.8 :

And by listing them I founded what is the problem. Problem is conversion from 3.6 to 3.8 when switching to firmware. I set these two paramters to 1 in 3.8 firmware and now it’s ok. Even if it was listed in the wiki, it’s not clear we have to reverse twice paramters.

So correct parameter from RC4_REV,-1 with AP3.6 to AP3.8 is :

I’m glad you’ve found it, but that should have happened automatically when you upgraded.

In my case this settings were not updgraded. That’s strange !