Problem with Rover doing mission in auto mode

My rover’s brain is a Holybro Pixhawk 4 with Holybro H-RTK F9P GNSS for GPS. I am feeding RTK from an online free NTRIP server (less than 5KM away) into my rover through Mission planner. I have set up a switch on my RC with the “set waypoint” parameter. If I drive a course while setting waypoints, I am able to download the waypoints to Mission planner, add the last waypoint with the “return to launch” command and upload back to the rover. When I switch to auto mode the rover starts moving but behaves as if it is confused, turning left then right over and over. It never starts the mission.

Hi @minnaara,

did you do all the steps between getting the motors/relays to work and trying the first auto mission?

Following all the steps is essential to get a working vehicle.

Why are you using Ardurover 3.5? Please update to the latest stable version.