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Problem with rc control using Mission Planner

When I go forward I don’t have problem.
When I go backward i dont have problem.
When I go backward and change throttle to forward i don’t have problem
When I forward and i change to backward i can’t. Motor stop and i have to wait some seconds to use it. You know why or how should i do to solve it? Thank you.

This has nothing to do with Missionplanner. Your rovers ESC is set to forward/brake/reverse mode. You need to set it to forward/reverse mode to work properly with ardurover.

I have ESC XL-5. It have 3 mode. All of them have brake. it’s posible to solve the problem with out buying other?
thank you

If it can not be programmed to forward/reverse without brake, the problem can not be solved with this ESC.

With only these 3 modes available you bought the wrong ESC.


Thank you.

Throttle servo is ok. I see his signal and work properly.

I manage to use backwards using the comand “loiter”. After 5seg i can go backward.

If someone have the same problem and don’t want to by new ESC is a good choise.

I don’t need more to do the test i need.

Thank you all.

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