Problem with power module holybro PM08

Dear Sir/Madam!

We have encountered some issues regarding your product. After purchasing the CUAV X7+ Pro autopilot and two Holybro PM08 power modules (all purchased from official websites), and following the instructions, we were unable to configure them in order to get correct battery voltage and current readings.

We would like to reach out to you for recommendations on how to properly set up the power module and autopilot in the Ardupilot 1.3.80 software. The autopilot firmware version is 4.4.1 (4.4.2). The aircraft type is VTOL.

The settings provided on the website did not work as they display incorrect voltage data, and the current data is not displayed at all. Additionally, we checked the connections to the autopilot on the contacts transmitting voltage and current information, and there are changes present that are not zero, indicating that the module is functional.

We would be grateful for any advice regarding the configuration.

Best regards, Mykyta Pryimenko.