Problem with pitch angle

What problem using this cause? If it is not essential for test flight, we would rather covering it since it is a prototype for later project. But first it must fly stable.

could you post photos of the swashplate in all the way up and all the way down position?
also, all the way left and right, all the way forward and back in top position and also in down position.
a video clip would be better.
trying to see if there is mechanical binding that limits swashplate movement.
if it moves without any problem in correct directions, then we can rule out hardware problem,
and concentrate on software.

@Taha_Atas it is not suitable for powering servos, this needs done now and not later in the project in my opinion(dangerous). Look at the voltage drop you are experiencing in the plot I posted above. From 7V down to almost 4V. That is not acceptable and it means that both torque and speed of the actuators are seriously affected.

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we do not have our pitch gauge with us right now but tried to show the angle too. We get the same result with pitch gauge.

@Taha_Atas I agree with Ferruccio regarding the BEC. You need to be sure that the servos have sufficient power. The fact that the voltage was drooping, supports my theory that the rear servo on the swash plate could’ve been stalling and not able to push the swash plate forward. lowering the collective, reduces the pressure on the rear servo and allows it to push the swash plate forward, which is consistent with the behavior you were seeing.

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We will test power of our setup in next days and will change it. Thank you for your help, I’ll post an update in few days.


We changed our converter and most of our servo rail. We adjusted our servos again so that when blades angles are zero, servos are 1500 pwm. We didn’t touch our CG on purpose to find out if the problems were electronical. And the flight was nice. We land without crash. The flight was not stable but there are still things to fix.

In conclusion I think the problem was servo rail.

Thank you again for your help.