Problem with NTRIP connection

I am struggling with setting up an NTRIP connection with ASG EUPOS - polish RTK/RTN network. I am using a Drotek Pixhawk 3 PRO and Drotek DP0601 RTK GNSS receiver.
I am using the following URL:
Getting this:

I have checked a number of Mission Planner versions, now using 1.3.79.
Any ideas, how to help?

I just checked the latest Beta version and it’s working fine for me. I’ll state the obvious, you have an account and are using the user name and password on the account in the URL?

Thank you for checking! Of course, I have the real username and password in the URL. I had the same issue with MissionPlanner-latest installed :frowning:
I am not sure what else can I check.
The GPS itself directly connected to u-center connects with NTRIP easily and goes into float > fixed mode.

This is the latest Beta:

Thanks. I just installed it but the same story :frowning: