Problem with mauch pm and boardvoltage with cube orange

Hi everybody, best wiches for 2021!

i have a pb with my nex orange cube pixhawk.
i normally flah it with thye 4.07 arduplane firmware.
install f9p gps, xlrs telemetry and power module mauch.

once telemetry set, i connect the main battery on mauch PM all pixhawk normally start, gps and telemetry ok… but i see in the quick windows a hight value for boardvoltage 4800, 4900…i think it’s probably a unity to change …

when installing the power module mauch, after verications, i set the parameters in power monitor and reboot but nothing, no informations, 0 v and 0Amps…in red… like nothing is connected.

i test when the mini brick (new also) and same thing…

i replace my new orange cube by a black and all seem to be ok, normal value of boardvoltage and a values for voltage and current of the PM… so probem comes from the pixhawk.?

it’s my first orange cube, have a lot of others pixhawk and these steps are now very simple… is there a setp i miss? bad firmware?

thanks for helpCapture-ConvertImage

Ddi you checked the BATT_VOLT_PIN parameter ?

Super merci Andras ! Je n’avais pas vu que ces paramètres étaient différents pour la version cube orange …

J’ai bien récupéré les données de tension et de courant.

Concernant la valeur de 5000 pour board voltage, est ce en millivolt?

I’m running 4.0.3 on the cube orange and using a Mauch PL-200 and seeing no voltage and current. The Batt_Volt_Pin is set to 14.
I checked with another type of sensor and this one works. So is there a known issue with 4.0.3 and Mauch?

Do you put in the values for BATT_AMP_PERVLT and BATT_VOLT_MULT that came with the Mauch sensor? I think there is even an offset value too.

I’ve put in these values and the voltage value isn’t persistant. As well the board type isn’t on that MissionPlanner page

Reboot after changing anything related to battery monitor. Probably you already did, but just putting it out there…
And just confirming the correct pins should be:

You can always set LOG_DISARMED and post a link to the .bin log file too

yes :slightly_smiling_face:


we should see voltage in HUD and overview even when disarmed, right?

now I’m on 4.0.7 but the Mauch still is not working

the field “FC Ver.” doesn’t remember the entry “Cube orange”

any idea?

I am having the exact same issue as R.S.T. The voltage and current readings are not even close to the actual values and after every reboot, the “FC Ver.” field goes blank after having been set to “8: Cube Orange”. Has anyone figured this issue out yet?

The current sensor needs a BEC to power it, and that also passes through to the FC.
You have the wiring as per the Mauch diagrams?
And used the Amps/volt and voltage scale as provided with the Mauch sensor?

Edit: maybe provide your parameter file or a .bin log file would be best.

Okay I’ll include my parameter file below.
I made sure to follow the Mauch diagrams and input the Amps/volt and voltage scale as provided by the Mauch Sensor. What I don’t understand is after restarting the flight controller and trying to set up the battery monitor, when I select “8: Cube Orange”, the Voltage divider (calced) immediately goes to the value 10 and the Current (Calced) goes to zero. When I correct the values, the voltage moves within .5 of the actual voltage but the current stays at zero. When I click tab to set the Amps/volt, I get the message “Invalid number entered”.

Each time I retry this, the HW Ver box goes back to not having any value set.

Orange_Cube_Mauch_HS_200_problem.param (19.0 KB)

You’ve got BATT and BATT2 both set to use the same pins - that might be a problem

I just fixed the issue of having BATT2 enabled and the voltage reading was solid but the current reading stayed at zero. I even check under the status dropdown and the current was reading 0. When I first assembled this sensor, I ran a decent amount of current through it in reverse so maybe I fried this sensor. I have another one I’ll plug in and see if thats the issue.

Okay so I just swapped the old sensor out and replaced it with a brand new Mauch sensor of the same model and amp rating. I replaced the old voltage divider and Amp/volt values for the new and I am actually getting a reading for both voltage and current. The voltage reading is good but the current is off. I cannot get the HW Ver to stay on “8: Cube Orange”. It automatically goes back to being blank any time I click away from the Battery Monitor section or restart the flight controller.

Power Meter Readings
Volts: 48.67
Amps: 0.25

New Mauch Sensor Readings
Volts: 48.57
Amps: 0.09 - .11

Latest parameter file

Orange_Cube_Mauch_HS-200_New_V1.param (18.6 KB)

I am experiencing the same “FC Ver” going blank on a Pixracer pro running a Mauch sensor.
That said it worked fine on the Pixracer, but moving to the Pro the only setting that seemed to give me a voltage and current reading was to set it to Cube Orange. Will try more experimenting tomorrow.

I believe one possible issue I’m having is that I don’t have a separate power supply to my RFD900x telemetry modem. When I unplug the various peripherals from the cube, the current reading inches closer (.05 -.07 amps) towards what my power meter reads. I may try to get separate power to the modem and plug everything back in and see what the current readings are.

I don’t think any of that has anything to do with the “FC Ver” going blank though.

I’m not certain that it matters since you already have the correct pin settings in params.
Have you tried updating MissionPlanner with the “Check for BETA Updates” button?

For me it stays set on “8: Cube Orange” after disconnect/reconnects and reboots, even though the FC is only an old Pixhawk1-1M
It also changes backup to “4: The Cube or Pixhawk” just fine and behaves as expected.

Update: I was able to fix all of my previous issues with the Cube Orange by powering everything separately (or by supply 5v to the power rail and running components off of it). Once everything was powered separately, my RFD900x and Lightware rangefinder started working correctly.

As for the “FC Ver” going blank, that has not changed but I am getting accurate voltage and current sensing from my Mauch HS sensor. I will remember to always power accessories with separate power from the cube.