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Problem with mauch pm and boardvoltage with cube orange

Hi everybody, best wiches for 2021!

i have a pb with my nex orange cube pixhawk.
i normally flah it with thye 4.07 arduplane firmware.
install f9p gps, xlrs telemetry and power module mauch.

once telemetry set, i connect the main battery on mauch PM all pixhawk normally start, gps and telemetry ok… but i see in the quick windows a hight value for boardvoltage 4800, 4900…i think it’s probably a unity to change …

when installing the power module mauch, after verications, i set the parameters in power monitor and reboot but nothing, no informations, 0 v and 0Amps…in red… like nothing is connected.

i test when the mini brick (new also) and same thing…

i replace my new orange cube by a black and all seem to be ok, normal value of boardvoltage and a values for voltage and current of the PM… so probem comes from the pixhawk.?

it’s my first orange cube, have a lot of others pixhawk and these steps are now very simple… is there a setp i miss? bad firmware?

thanks for helpCapture-ConvertImage

Ddi you checked the BATT_VOLT_PIN parameter ?

Super merci Andras ! Je n’avais pas vu que ces paramètres étaient différents pour la version cube orange …

J’ai bien récupéré les données de tension et de courant.

Concernant la valeur de 5000 pour board voltage, est ce en millivolt?

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