Problem with latest copter beta just flew away now

Hi all my arducopter friends,I have updated to the latest beta as I all way’s do,I have a problem were in alt hold,poshold and circle my quad is like jumping or missing the beat and when I just looked at the log’s the vibes seem higer than before so me think’s there is a we bug in this release

Hey Marty, please post in the 4.1 channel and provide a log

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Will do Andy,it will be in the morning if that is o/k and thank you

I chasing down similar issues. what version of Firmware did you have on it before the upgrade.

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Hi Brandon either beta 4 or 5 but it is this latest one that is bad for me,hows you and the family

At some point I think i noticed the GPS issue but forgot the version that seemed ok probably 4 was ok then 5 the gps started to act up for me. Fam are doing well My Son just got back from Hawaii for vacation It was fun to see photos of them.

I think i could of got over my head with this new frame that fly’s in Plane software but is more like a quad. FC points up the the frame rotates 90. makes my brain hurt. :slight_smile:

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Great family are all doing well and allways great when some one returns home,not to much of the falling down water but also remember if you can remember the night before youhave not had enough falling down water,lol

My 7 inch quad just flew away did general stuff stab,pos hold a circle then wanted to try a we mission started ok then realised it was going pear shaped tried to put it into RTL but would not change flight mode just kept heading NE so back to drawing board but must be a bug in latest beta will take me a month to replace but it is all part of the game

Really sorry to hear that. Can you provide some details of your build? I guess no log?

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Sorry no logs,yea it was a TBS Source One V4 deadcat,Matek H743 F/C and Location One Gps,I flight 2506 1350kv motors and Hollybro 35 amp esc’s and a 4s x 6240 li-on batt,also HQ 7"x3 x3.5 props yea and t motor vtx and predator camera,I will hopefully build the same again as it did fly nice until this mishap

Man, sorry to hear that Marty, that’s a nice bit of kit. I was thinking about building a 7" myself with almost the same hardware.

On my 5" with a Matek H743 I’m always flying with latest Master and so far I have not realized a problem. But there are a couple of posts around where they have been reported.

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Dave it really flew so nice and I hopefully will replace with same it is like it locked up in auto mission as it would not come out of it but ardupilot is so good 99% of time it is just unfortunate to happen hopefully they find the bug

I would recommend a set up similar to mine as it flew good

What RX?

A lockup on that Matek board seems very strange. Was this with beta6?

Hi Andy,it was the very latest release by Randy 2 days ago,I was using the RFD 868 with s -bus pass through all seem to work good until i hit Auto

There were a number of control changes in beta7 so could easily be related

@rmackay9 FYI

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some thing not right as it would not come out of Auto and im programed to go for RTL in adverse situation also Andy today I did not experience the jumpiness I did yesterday and I changed nothing it is strange

If you got a rfd, did you have connected a gcs by chance ? There would be some tlog auto saved that would help us.

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no it was not connected to a tablet or any thing sorry I wish I had taken my laptop as easier all round I think will do in future

Hi Andy, I getting the bumpy GPS running the PRP I can’t seem to fix it but i noticed it around 3 or 2 weeks ago and forgot log the update version thinking it would go away. but it is worse. I did fall back to a few revs and GPS is smooth but the lock is about 1m.

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