Problem with installing MP on windows 8.1 64-bit


When I try to install MP on my win 8.1 notebook, the driver install for FTDI VCP fails.
I can see in device manager a COM port with Arduino Mega 2560 (COM3), but I can’t connect to my APM from MP. It simply timeouts.
I tried to install the latest 2.10 drivers from FTDI, and they installed successfully, but I still can’t connect from MP.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi Igor,

I came across exactly this with the latest APM mission planner software and device firmware on a new Windows 8.1 machine.

I found that my problem was caused by the Windows 8.1 driver signature checks which are now switched on in windows 8.1 by default for security.

Once I switched off unsigned driver verification checks and reinstalled APM mission planner, the FTDI drivers were installed and operated as expected with my COM ports showing up in mission planner.

Rather than write it all out here, I found this page that explains how to do it: … d-drivers/

I really hope this helps.

Just install Arduino IDE from here, I t will fixed your problem…