Problem with hot motors on a coaxial x8

hello everybody
I have coaxial x8 with sunnysky 3508 700kv and 13x5.5 props
I m running 4s batterys

what I want to ask is why my left motors are always hotter than the right ones
all 4 motors on the left are always hotter
not too hot too touch but hotter

firmware 3.4.5
sunnysky 3508 700kv
opto 40a esc

here is a log file

and a video how its flying

If the motors one one side of the vehicle are always hotter then I would suspect the center of gravity to be shifted (ie not centered). This would cause the vehicle to always want to try to roll, and the autopilot to run the motors on one side faster, consuming more power and thus running hotter.

I did not see your logfile attached, but I would expect that if you plot the rcout for all the motors that the 4 hotter motors are commanded to run faster

I did upload to this forum but maybe i did something wrong

Here is the bin file from dropbox acount

Thajk tou for your time

Does the hotter motors have also arms with more vibrations ?

No there was no vibrations at my copter

Well i think i solve the problem

The problem was that i put the batterys little behind of center of gravity , now i have put them where they should be and problem gone

Thank you