Problem with Frsky X6R - Nothing on Channels 7-16

I’m setting up a hexcopter with a Frsky X6R receiver and Taranis X9E transmitter. I have them binded using D16 mode. The Pixhawk is connected to the receiver with SBUS.

The issue is that the Pixhawk is not receiving anything on Channels 7-16, while Channels 1-6 work just fine, according to Mission Planner. I have tried re-binding everything, checked connections, settings, etc. Not sure where to go from here.

Pixhawk 2
Frysky X6R receiver
Taranis X9E transmitter
Arducopter 3.5.2
Mission Planner 1.3.49 build 1.1.6410.20232


have you set the BRD_PWM_COUNT,6
and do a radio calibration
its no an X6R-EU version ?

I figured it out. It was a bad bind. Seems to be working now on all channels.

But what does BRD_PWM_COUNT do? Mine is set to “4”. The description was not very clear to me.

its for the servo output 9 to 14
it turn them on

Ok thanks. I don’t think I need to worry about that. I am only using Main Out 1-6 and RC In, no Aux Outs.