Problem with Follow mode

Hello all,
I have two drones equipped with Pixhawk Cube black and RFD 868 radios paired. I did test to connect drones to Mission planner with RFD868 and telemetry is correctly sent from both. On one drone is set mode Follow. But in the field tests after Follow mode is switched the drone, which have to follow, stays on position but doesnt follow the other. What did I wrong?
Thank you for any help.

Hi George,
I have a question what did two RFD868 connects with? I think that RFD868 should be used to connect with two drones not MP.But,I don’t know what I said is right or wrong,beacuse I don’t success yet.

Hi Cyang. RFD 868 can connect with another 868 and dont depends where this hardware is. It means you can connect two drones, drone and GCS or drone with other equipment. You need read manual carefully, because settings is not easy.