Problem with CRSF for VTX support (TBS Unify Pro32 HV)

First of all I’m talking about connecting the VTX to the controller (F765-Wing) directly, I don’t use any Crossfire receiver either.

Also to say that the SmartAudio v2.1 protocol works perfectly.

I configure my VTX to use the CRSF protocol. I set SERIAL5_PORT=29. I reboot and nothing, it doesn’t detect the VTX.

I make the relevant configurations for SmartAudio and everything works perfectly.

I need some help to take advantage of CRSF.

Thank you.

There are some long standing bugs with VTX/CRSF on the TBS side. I have been waiting more than a year to get them fixed. maybe this year.

If you are only using your serial port for VTX control then I would use SmartAudio - the advantage of CRSF is that you can save a serial port if you have a CRSF RX as well.

First of all, @andyp1per, thank you very much for your quick response and for your magnificent work in the development of this great project that is Ardupilot.

With your answer I know that, for the time being, I will stick with SmartAudio as the protocol to manage the VTX.

I thought that CRSF, being bidirectional, would allow me to get some telemetry from the VTX to show it on the OSD.

Thanks again for everything

This is true for the Unify EVO, but not for the VTX that you have (OSD info)